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The following letter went to our customers today:

This is an important letter, and I want to start by telling you how much we respect and appreciate your business, and the confidence in us that your continued trust demonstrates. Without our customers, there is no UMix.

Today, I’m writing with big, exciting news! I’ll share exactly what it means to you personally later in this message. But please don’t read ahead. It’s just as important that you understand not only what we’re doing – but why. And please consider my personal call to action at the bottom.

First some background. UMix Media was founded in 2000 as Creative Retail Communications on the idea that we could vastly improve music for businesses. At that time, the industry standard was $80 per month for the following:

– Music you had little to no control over.

– Satellite dish on the roof, CD’s or tapes.

– 5 year agreements with poor support.

Aside from the need to rationalize how business was done in terms of better agreements and support, early on we determined that technology (primarily the Internet) was the key to really revolutionizing this business.  But moving customers away from the status quo would require big improvements in bandwidth and software. And it took several years for technology to catch up to our idea.

But we never wavered from our dream. That is, to provide a product that places the customer in 100% control to get exactly what they want (variety), when they want it, where they want it, without hassles or long contracts and with great support. We firmly believed these things would help make our customers more successful, and that our success would follow.

The Tipping Point

The tipping point came in 2009, with the proliferation of better bandwidth and software. Market acceptance of our unique approach began to get traction. We introduced our web-based system, and implemented our innovative music licensing approach. We even changed our name to UMix Media to instantly place the focus on you. And we cut the price to $39 per month.

Since then we’ve added customer locations, including well-known brands nationally and internationally. And we’ve continuously applied our philosophy that technological improvements can help us to serve customers better, faster, and at a lower cost.

That focus, and a lot of hard work, have placed us in the position in 2015 to again do the right thing and in turn dramatically improve the value that we provide to our customers.

Effective February 1, 2015, we are cutting our monthly subscription rates from $39 to $19.

You will continue to enjoy our best-in-class feature set that gives you the keys to the store with no hassles and the same great service. And we’ll continue to make the system better, just as we have for years.

Our offering, for just $19, represents value that is truly unique.

I hope you find this news as exciting as we do. We’ll send a separate email with details of exactly how this will impact your account.

And here’s our call to action and my personal request of you.  If you’re thrilled with UMix, please forward this note to friends and colleagues right now to help us to get the word out.  Tell them you have a great music and digital signage service to recommend. Share us on Facebook and Twitter – do anything you can to get our word out.

Thank you for your valuable time, and Happy New Year!

Franklin Tarantino
Managing Member