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Supported Browsers

This post is our public introduction of Reliant, our brand new product designed to give customers another way to experience UMix. Enterprise, our flagship music product, uses our proprietary Windows App to play music in business locations.  The App plays precisely what customers schedule using our website – giving them 100% central control.

Reliant, on the other hand, does not require our App. It plays music right inside any major web browser. We expect it to compete effectively against Pandora for Business by providing customers with more features at a lower price with no hassles.

Two main features distinguish it from UMix Enterprise:

  1. It provides local control of what plays, letting location personnel decide exactly what playlist to play, on the spot, any time they want.
  2. Because it requires only a web browser, customers using Apple, Android or Linux devices (desktops, tablets or even phones) can now enjoy the variety and control UMix is known for.

Here’s a screenshot of Reliant’s in-browser player and playlist categories:

Reliant provides access to all of our over 200 Professionally curated playlists.  Customers can also blend our playlists to their own exact specs and even custom-build playlists song by song.  They can also block songs and artists.

The price is $19 monthly and all music is properly licensed for hassle-free background music for businesses.