So you’re using iTunes, Sirius, Pandora, or your iPod and you are NOT paying for music for your business.  That’s a mistake.  Here’s our list of top ten list of reasons it pays to pay for business music!

10. With very few exceptions, it’s the law.  So you’ll stay out of court.

9. You’ll sleep better.  You get paid for your work.  Artists, songwriter and music producers should get paid for theirs.

8. Your business will sound better, offering customers and employees more variety and a consistent volume level.

7. You may think you know music, but you’re not an expert.  With a music provider you can get expert assistance. Music professionals select songs and maintain playlists designed specifically for business, and they’re available to answer your questions.

6. You’ll keep it clean.  Those experts make sure your customers don’t hear songs containing bad language – and walk out!

5. You’ll be in complete control.  Systems and procedures by a quality business music provider can give you lots of great tools to be in complete control of how your business uses music – and get more value.

4. No chatter!  If you’re playing the radio or listening to your Sirius subscription, your customers can hear all sorts of things they shouldn’t!  Why play advertisements to your customers that benefit someone else?

3. It’s more reliable.  With a reputable business music provider you’ll get a well-designed system and a team to ensure music plays consistently.

2. You’ll save time.  When you understand all the tasks necessary to do a respectable job with your business music, you’ll realize it’s very time-consuming to do it yourself.

1. And the number one reason is VALUE!  When you consider all you get for just $23 per month, it’s simply a tremendous value to hand off the music piece to the experts and go about doing other things to grow your business!