Last week’s announcement explaining our price reduction led to some emails from existing customers that were simply amazing.  We decided to print a few real customer comments here to share exactly what they’ve have said.

“I think this is absolutely awesome!  In a world where everything is going up, this is refreshing.  You have a customer for life.”


“Loved your announcement. Going to activate another account.  I think you have a fantastic service.”

-Business Owner

“That is great news and, I know a few folks who currently suffer from old nasty music for their on hold source so . . yes, I will certainly forward this along.  Congratulations and keep up the great work!”

-IT Director

“This is exciting news! We are very pleased with the service. Being able to control what is being played and build and change playlists work great for us. I will definitely spread the word in any way that I can.  Thanks again!”

-Facility Director

At UMix we love our position on the cutting edge in our business delivering innovative, reliable products at extreme value.  And we really, really appreciate that our customers “get it.”

UPDATE: In 2017, in response to increased licensing cost, we increased our monthly subscription price to $23. Still, UMix represents a tremendous value.