No hidden fees and pay as you go, with no tricky contract to sign.

UMix Enterprise Business Music Pricing

Enterprise Music


Central Control

Digital Signage Pricing

Digital Signage


Simple Yet Powerful


Enterprise and Signage

UMix Enterprise Ethernet Player


Black Box
Enterprise Music Player (Ethernet)

UMix Enterprise Wi-Fi Tablet


Enterprise Music Player 

Wi-Fi Digital Signage and Business Music Player


Tablet Box
Digital Signage and Music Player (Wi-Fi or Ethernet)

Enterprise is capable of two zones of music play.


Available With Enterprise Music

Enterprise Messaging


Messaging on zone A or B

Business Music on Zone B


Music on Zone B

Savings for more players at the same physical address!
If you need more than one player at the same physical address, the first zone on each additional player is only $10 – not $23.