The number one question from UMix prospects is about our new price.

It’s interesting that existing customers expressed absolutely NO trepidations or skepticism about our new, lower price.  We think that’s because they have already come to know that UMix is always about delivering tremendous value.

However, some prospective customers have asked, somewhat suspiciously, “Why the lower $19 price?  They seem to be thinking there’s a “catch!”

So here’s exactly why we cut the price in half:

We’re competitors.  We already had what we believe is the best feature set with a great price and many happy customers.  But never standing still, we decided to double down on that value to bring in more customers – and make our existing customers very happy!

UPDATE: In 2017, in response to increased licensing cost, we increased our monthly subscription price to $23. Still, UMix represents a tremendous value.