In some cases, the biggest jump in value a business can get from its in-store music program ironically has nothing at all to do with the music. However, it has everything to do with communication.  More specifically, it involves inserting periodic messages that add value to the shopper’s in-store experience.  It’s called in-store messaging.

It’s not for every business, but for businesses that can use it, the small investment of $6 monthly to add-on the UMix in-store messaging service can pay very nice dividends.   It can be used to promote products, services, and goodwill.

First, a little historical context is in order.  Old style music delivery systems such as satellite and CD’s are very cumbersome to add messages.  They involve an external device called a message repeater.  Tapes of messages on the repeater interrupt songs to play obtrusive-sounding messages.  They are typically not updated as much as needed because of the cumbersome update process: record the voice, edit, mail tapes, insert in the repeater, etc.

UMix changed all of that.  Because UMix is a digital, integrated system of music and messages, our customers can seamlessly and unobtrusively add messages to any music program.  They can even create lists of messages to rotate through and play them at whatever time and frequency they want.  All that’s needed is an MP3 and web browser to load and schedule any message.  And because it’s integrated and digital, messages never interrupt songs!

Some customers use professional voice-talent and others use a friendly, homegrown voice for a more familiar sound.  As we said, it may not be for everyone, but many do find value and it’s easy enough to test in your own environment.