With some suppliers still pushing long-term agreements, we’ll bust three myths, showing why you should think twice before renewing a music (or any) long-term agreement.

Myth 1 – I’ll get more value with a long-term agreement

In our business (and virtually all others) the Internet and tech improvements have enabled an experience that wasn’t available only a few years ago.  It’s a fact that if you don’t check out reasonable alternatives you’re likely to leave value on the table – literally throwing away money!

Myth 2 – My incumbent supplier deserves another five year term

Face it, in most cases this is an emotional response driven by comfort and resistance to change.  The fact is that no one “deserves” a long term agreement.  The privilege for one business to serve another is something that is earned continuously over time – through innovation, creativity and delivering value.  If all suppliers “deserved” long-term renewals, we would still be riding horses, shopping at the general store and ordering from the Sears catalogue!

Myth 3 – Everyone in this “space” requires a long agrement

Here’s the silver lining.  With a few exceptions (your cell phone contract) businesses have moved to a month to month billing model.  Business Music Service is no exception.  There are still hangers-on, including some who offer several products and varying contract terms – amounting to confusion.  The fact is that UMix Media does not play the agreement games.  We want customers because we earn their business and they love our service – not because of some agreement in a file.