1. How does UMix work?
  • UMix is an integrated, cloud system that uses our website (for centralized programming) and music player software (in the location to play music).  The player software can be on your Windows or Android device, or you can buy a player from us.
  • There is no local control, so on-site employees cannot change the music.
  • Our website provides an extensive set of features for complete, centralized control of music and settings.  It also includes thorough, detailed log reports for music and messages so you can easily monitor your locations.
2. What hardware do I need?

You may not need any new hardware at all.  Here we list the UMix products, and on what hardware each will play.

  • UMix Enterprise – We offer player software applications for Android and for Windows.
  • Digital Signage – We offer a player software application for Windows only.

NOTE: You can also purchase player hardware from us.

  • Android Music Player – $49 for our Ethernet player, $59 for our WiFi-enabled tablet.

We ship USPS Priority the day after your order.  $15 added for shipping, cables, and prep.

3. Are the music royalties included with my subscription?
  • Yes. Royalties are included for the expressed, limited purpose of background music to be heard by the public in retail stores, restaurants, banks, schools, airports, etc.
  • Our music may be played on speaker systems or telephone on-hold.
  • If your use of music extends beyond these cases (examples are a bar that carries live music or a health club that includes dance classes) you can still use our service for the purpose of background music.  You may be required to pay royalties directly to ASCAP and BMI for the other uses of music.  Please contact ASCAP and BMI with questions.  If you are in Canada, please contact SOCAN and Re:Sound.
  • We offer All Major Record Labels and thousands of songs by Independent Artists.
  • Royalties for Major Label artist recordings are included in the Subscription for the U.S and our territories and for Canada.
  • Royalties on Independent artist content are included globally.
  • Major Label songs may be used in outside the U.S. and Canada under the condition of written verification to UMix that appropriate royalties are paid by the subscriber to the proper authorities within the local jurisdiction.
  • Our subscriber agreement enumerates the specific allowable uses of our music.

Consult with your attorney with questions regarding your use of music.  UMix provides no legal advice.

4. How does payment work with UMix?

We do all we can to make payment as seamless as possible for our customers.  Here’s how it works.

  1. Buy one month of service here.  – As explained in FAQ Number 2, the hardware player purchase is at your option.  We email an invoice for that purchase, stamped paid because you pay for the hardware when you buy using our cart.
  2. At the same time, we send a second invoice for the three month period that follows the first month.  Simply pay that before the due date if you want the subscription to continue.  Subsequent subscription invoices are sent 30 days before the subscription ends.



  • You can view and pay invoices through our portal.
  • We accept major credit cards, checks, bank transfers and PayPal.  Aside from the first month, the minimum billing period is three months.
  • All subscriptions are paid in advance and the service stops (for all locations in the account) for unpaid subscriptions.
  • Hardware is payable in advance of shipment.
5. Do I need an audio system?

Yes. Like virtually all business music systems, UMix products require customers to have an amplifier and speakers or amplified speakers.

6. How do I connect from my device (or the UMix Player) to my amplifier or receiver?

See our Audio Cables One-sheet for the easy details.

7. I don't have Ethernet near my amplifier. Does UMix sell a player that is WiFi capable?

UMix players are WiFi capable.

8. Can I play more than one zone of music at a time?

UMix is capable of two distinct zones of simultaneous playback of music and/or messages.

9. Does UMix install audio systems?

No.  Audio systems and music content/delivery are two separate areas of expertise.  UMix customers use their own audio systems and installers when needed. 

10. Does UMix offer discounts based on number of locations or organization type?

No.  Our pricing structure is designed to deliver value and to be transparent, easy to understand and fair.  Most competitors have complicated “plans,” pricing schemes, and contracts designed to cloud the matter and to benefit them.  We keep it simple.

11. How does UMix handle customer support?

Over the years, UMix has been an industry leader in many ways.  Some examples are: streaming music, customer-centered control, electronic billing, transparent logs and playback reports, no long contracts, simple, low pricing…and the list goes on.  UMix is also on the forefront of providing support using a process that provides actual help to our customers, quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

For our customers, and for us, time is the most valuable thing we have.  Our years of experience working with many, many customers of diverse backgrounds has taught us how to use our time wisely in a way that yields timely, quality solutions to issues that are within our control.

Here’s how it works.  Customers have a button on the top right of every web page on our website.  All customer-initiated support requests are started with just one click to a form we populate automatically with customer information.  Customers simply state their needs, and press submit.  We respond promptly.

That said, many, if not most issues can be resolved easily, without any involvement by us – and without wasting time.  It’s a fact that music play depends on issues outside our control.  For example, trading phone calls and spending 30 minutes only to determine Sally turned the volume down is not a good use of our time, or yours.  So what we do is provide a set of clear instructions and detailed troubleshooting steps to help customers quickly solve most issues – without wasting anyone’s time.  We expect customers to check that before submitting a ticket.

None of this is to say that we don’t talk live to customers.  In fact, we routinely speak with customers.  But we do that after customers attempt to resolve their issues, and then send a respectful communication indicating where they are stuck.  When we think a call will move an item along faster, we make the call promptly.

Everyone at UMix understands our product thoroughly and can handle 99.99% of all issues.  When we do help, we do it with quality and direct focus on the issues customers present – in a completely forthright manner.  We do not operate a call center staffed with folks with time to waste and little understanding of the product, and how to support it.  That’s many of the other guys.

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