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Simple Control

With a flat-screen TV and UMix, you can easily create and deploy beautiful digital signs to one or more locations – right from your office using the web.  Have your customers viewing your media files in a matter of minutes.

Unlimited Digital Signage

No Limits

It’s as easy as posting pictures on Facebook.  Just upload your own images and videos to folders we provide on our secure website. Later you’ll use those assets to make slideshows inside your digital signage presentations. We support a variety of common image and video formats, e.g. – jpeg, mp4, and mov.

Digital Signage Templates


Customize how you want your presentations to appear by selecting one of our friendly templates.  We offer dozens of digital signage templates to give you a variety of options for great screen layouts. For example, you can place scrolling text on the top or bottom and add other elements (widgets) as you wish around your main screen area.

Digital Signage Widgets


Select from among our widgets: weather, clock, current song playing, countdown counter, RSS feeds, still images and even Google Calendar. Widgets help to make your unique digital signage presentation beautifully eye-catching and informative to your customers.