It’s a fact that we get inquiries from customers who want to use our service.  It’s also true that many have absolutely no idea about the status of their current business music contract.  This can be a big problem – because the contract may be enforceable, and lead to legal hassles.

To help you avoid such hassles, here are our top 3 reasons always to always know the status of that contract.

Reason 1 – An automatic five-year renewal can sneak up on you fast.  That renewal could keep you trapped in an old contract and unhappy – hurting your business.

Reason 2 – Some contracts are tricky.  For example, look for a clause that triggers a new five-year term every time you open a new location – creating different end-dates across many locations.  This could leave you with a contract mess that takes even more effort to clean up.

Reason 3 – The entire landscape has changed.  There are better alternatives than when you signed that long-term contract years ago.  Technology has given users more flexibility and control – for a clearly better user experience.

Always knowing the status of your business music service agreements can place you in a position of strength and enable you to make good, timely decisions for your business.

With UMix, you’ll never have to guess about your agreement.  Your Pay-As-You-Go Subscriber Agreement is always available in the footer of your account.