About UMix

The Old Way…

The Music Provider in Control

Business music service providers thought they had all the answers.  Their pitch was, “Let us decide what you should play, and your business will sell more.”  The result:

– One size fits all
– Long-term agreements
– High prices
– Time-wasting support

The UMix Way…

The Customer In Control

UMix believes that each business is unique and that music is very personal.  Our goal is not to tell customers what to play, but to help them get exactly what they want – easily.  The result:

– Great variety of songs
– Low prices and p
ay as you go
– Easy, complete customization and control

UMix is based in the great state of Florida, and serves businesses in the U.S. and internationally with our proprietary system to deliver streaming music, messages, and digital signage.

About UMix