About UMix Media

“We didn’t create the background music industry, but since our start in 2000 we’ve been out to change it.”

– Franklin Tarantino, Founder and Managing Member

Industry History – The Provider In Control

Legacy business music service providers have promoted the notion that they have all the answers when it comes to what songs a business should play.  Their pitch goes something like, “Let us decide what you should play and you will sell more stuff.”

For their customers this has meant:

– One size fits all

– Long term agreements

– High prices

UMix Philosophy – The Customer In Control

We believe the legacy approach leaves out some key elements – that each business is truly unique and that music can be very personal.  Our goal is not to tell customers what to play, but to help them get exactly what they want – easily.  Therefore, we license songs, develop software and support customers to achieve precisely that goal.

UMix customers enjoy:

– One low price

– Pay as you go

– Easy, complete customization


UMix Media is a team of skilled professionals based in Allentown, PA. We serve businesses nationally and internationally with our proprietary system to deliver streaming music, messages and digital signage.

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