Streaming Business Music
Service for $23 Monthly

The UMix Business Music Service Player measures only 5 x 5 x 1 inches!

The UMix Music Player – $49!

The UMix Music Player delivers our best in class streaming business music service to your business at an amazing value!

(Tablet version available – $69)

Why UMix for My Business?

Because UMix is the proven business music service, built from the ground up to serve only businesses.  As a result of our focus, you’re not getting a product that was really built for consumers (Pandora and Sirius are examples), but a premium system for businesses that’s packed with features. And best of all it’s easy to implement smoothly!

UMix Enterprise for Central Control. Whether you operate one, very special location – or hundreds of stores, with UMix Enterprise you’re always in control of exactly what plays. That’s due to our two key components.  Our website is where you easily set up you music schedules, and our music players (in each business location) simply follow the schedule.

Great Variety. UMix customers rave about our variety. Our secret is that our song library is not only large, but well organized and easily accessible.  And because we offer over 200 professional playlists (many are 1200 songs) and the ability to create your own, chances are good we’ll have the right music solution for you.


No Long Term Agreement. Never again feel roped in by a long-term business music agreement!  We want customers because they love our service, not because of a contract intended to limit your future options. UMix streaming business music service is just $23 monthly pay as you go in quarterly increments.

Our Testimonials Are The Businesses We Serve

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