Music for Your Business Environment

UMix 2-Zone Music Player for Windows; Android also available.

Limited Time Special Offer for New Customers

Buy Three Months – Get a Free UMix Black Box Player!

Simply buy a three month music subscription for one location now ($69 total), and UMix will ship you a free UMix Black Box player ($15 shipping).  That’s a savings of $49!

Why UMix?

Because UMix really is music for business!  UMix is not a consumer music service trying to serve businesses.  UMix serves only businesses.  Unlike some others, we have no complicated service tiers or tricky contracts.  We simply offer a world-class system that’s highly reliable and that delivers tremendous value.  UMix is packed with features for completely custom control. We provide the level of professional support you expect for your business, and UMix is easy to implement smoothly!
UMix is About Complete Control

UMix is About Complete Control

Forget Muzak. UMix is integrated, cloud-based music for business. It has two main components, a music player, and our website.  The website gives you central, custom, control of music in each of your locations.  The UMix music player precisely follows your music schedule.  Furthermore, UMix gives you advanced levels of control and useful technical settings designed exclusively for business customers.

Enjoy Tremendous Variety

Enjoy Tremendous Variety

UMix customers love our variety. Our secret is that our song library is not only large but well organized and easy to understand. We offer many playlists with 1200 songs! To eliminate monotony, all playlists are refreshed weekly. You can also create your own completely custom playlists by selecting songs and artists. So chances are great that UMix music for business will have the right music solution for your business.

No Long Agreement. And No Worries

No Long Agreement. And No Worries.

It seems like most other providers require tricky long-term agreements with fine print and automatic rollovers. In contrast, with UMix, you’ll never again feel roped in by a long-term agreement! That’s because we want customers who love UMix, not because of a contract intended to limit their options. UMix is paid quarterly in advance.

Businesses Trusting UMix

Dairy Queen
7 Eleven
Grocery Outlet
Palm Beach Tan
ACE Hardware